Here is the step by step guide to obtaining your aerial photography:

  1. Send us an initial enquiry via the contact form with a brief description of your requirements. Please supply a telephone number if you would like to discuss by phone.
  2. After we have both decided on the feasibility and you are satisfied with the cost we will undertake a site visit with you to discuss the operation and undertake the initial risk assessment.
  3. If the proposed imagery has the potential to invade the privacy of others it will be necessary for you to discuss the operation with affected neighbours.
  4. A 25% deposit is paid.
  5. Decide upon a mutually convenient date for the operation along with backup dates in case of bad weather.
  6. Immediately prior to the flight we will update the risk assessment with the latest weather and other time dependent information.
  7. The flight is undertaken.
  8. Once the operation is finished it is normally possible to view the photography/videos there and then on our high specification laptop.
  9. If post processing of the imagery is required this is done later in the office and a download link provided.

Note that unless agreed beforehand we retain the right to use images for publicity purposes.

The cost will obviously depend on the nature of the operation but we aim to be competitive with prices from £120 + VAT.