Safety is our prime concern before and during flying. To this end we comply with the standard CAA drone regulations and our pilot is authorised by the CAA for commercial operations (a legal requirement).

It is useful to summarise regulations here to ensure all operations are both legal and safe:

  • The drone must always be in sight of the pilot
  • The maximum height above ground level is 120 m
  • The maximum distance from the pilot (without an intermediate observer) is 500 m
  • No closer than 50m from a vessel, vehicle, structure or people not in control of the pilot (*)
  • Take off or landing must be at least 30 m from people not under the control of the pilot (*)
  • The drone must be at least 150m from an organised assembly of more than 1000 people
  • If close to an airport (in an Aerodrome Traffic Zone or a Control Zone) permission must be sought beforehand
  • Flying must be outside High Intensity Radio Transmission Areas (HIRTAs) & prohibited areas
  • The weather must be dry
  • Visibility must be > 1.5 km in uncontrolled airspace; > 5.0 km in controlled
  • The wind speed must be less than 22 mph
  • The temperature must be between 0 and 40 degrees C
  • The pilot must be satisfied it is safe to fly

(*) Can be closer if the pilot has control

For the flight itself we come equipped with the necessary safety equipment.

The CAA provide more information on regulations and safety.